When a bride forgets about the camera, a true and honest moment can unfold. There is no better way to capture emotions and real moments like on a day when generations are gathered and such an important event takes place. I love the challenge of capturing the unexpected and the excitement of waiting for another glance, touch, and laugh. Moments. That is why I shoot weddings.


Beyond the family formals, there is something even more important which happens on a wedding day, and that is the interactions within relationships. When shooting a wedding my goal is to always focus on the relationships around the couple. By standing back and looking for them, I can always find the quiet moments between a bride and her grandmother, bride and her mother, the groom and his father. While I believe the family formals are a must on the wedding day, capturing the natural relationships and interactions is the most important job.


All details are handled with care and shot with a creative eye knowing how much work went into choosing the items and how special it is to see when they all come together on the day of the wedding. Every detail is important. The details of the wedding reflect the bride and groom's style and taste. From the bride's shoes to her ring to the table decor, all the details are heirlooms and should be remembered and captured beautifully.


Over the years, I've had the privilege to shoot in some of the most beautiful places. The majority of my weddings take place in a new location which always helps me to see it with a fresh perspective. Because my business has been built around traveling to locations away from my home, I have built collections to make traveling much easier and simple. While I constantly travel to new places, my most frequented locations are: The North Florida beaches, Miami, Palm Beach, The Florida Keys, Georgia, Philadelphia, New York, and Southwest Florida. Whether it's an intimate beach wedding or a gorgeous ballroom wedding, I feel my style of focusing on the emotions of the day is always the priority while photographing a wedding.