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2015 Spring and Summer Review

Sunday, September 20, 2015  |  Wedding
I'm wrapping up my 10th year in business. It's hard to believe that what started out as a creative hobby turned into becoming a wedding photographer! And to be honest... Something I never wanted to be! When I was just 25 years old I needed to do something that gave me a creative outlet so I picked up a film camera hoping to photograph commercial fisherman in Florida. My father was part of a long line of commercial fisherman and I knew it was a dying industry so I just hoped to capture it for myself. That desire turned into this business which has taken me completely by surprise and still to this day creatively fulfills me. Recently I was speaking to a group of photographers and someone asked me how I keep from burning out. I would be lying if I said that in the past I didn't feel empty at times but 2015 has brought new life to my creative tank and I feel like I'm shooting better than ever.  
In the years past I have always looked for the moments. But this year was REALLY about the moments. I've learned the difference between an image that appears to be a moment and an image that is truly capturing a moment between two people. Weddings still excite me because they are about more than two people in love but also about all of the relationships that surround those two people. And that is what is driving me now. I've become passionate about understanding the relationships that make up a wedding day before I even begin photographing the wedding. Understanding these important people helps me to anticipate the smallest glance, emotion and exchange. After 10 years in this business it's a great feeling to be more excited than ever before about this incredible job!
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Tamara and Nathan

Folsom, CA
Sunday, September 20, 2015  |  Wedding
Tamara is a talented wedding coordinator based out of Florida and California. We met years ago when I started working with her on some of her Miami weddings and immediately hit it off! When she called me this year to ask if she could hire me she had one big giant request! "I don't want posed photographs! At all!" That worked for me!! With the exception of one ride around the ferris wheel and one giant family picture I didn't setup or pose a single shot all day long! And the result is a gallery of gorgeous, emotional and HILARIOUS images! Tamara sees weddings almost every weekend and being in the wedding industry she wanted something different that reflected their personalities and she pulled it off flawlessly. Instead of a cocktail hour they had a carnival and at the end of the night everyone ended up in the pool.... even me! Thank you Tamara for trusting me with this massive responsibility and for trusting me to just shoot the day as it happened.  
Thank you Tamara and Nathan! I hope these images are making you smile as much as they make me smile!
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Lauren and Chris - Portrait Session

Bozeman, MT
Wednesday, August 5, 2015  |  Wedding
After shooting Lauren and Chris' phenomenal wedding in June I returned to Montana to vacation with my family and had the opportunity to spend time with them back in their wedding attire for this session. I am so glad we did because I am loving these images! Their wedding was bright and happy and we spent most of the day in documentary mode so it was really fun to be able to get these moody and lovely portraits. I would also like to thank the snow storm that hit the mountains the night before giving us the white peeks you see in the background. Lauren and Chris I adore you! I am so honored that you chose me to be your photographer! Lauren is a very talented photographer in Bozeman so I do not take the responsibility of shooting her wedding day lightly.
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Sarah and Steven

Calistoga Ranch - Calistoga, CA
Thursday, July 16, 2015  |  Wedding
It seems like it was years ago when I first talked to Sarah and Steven on the phone. Steven from Austrailia and Sarah from Florida but both living in New York, they wanted a location that was a destination but somewhere in between the two locations. With that in mind they decided on Napa Valley, California. When we spoke they told me how important it was for me to be there to capture the reunion of their friends and family so I did just that. The weekend started with a barbeque around the pool up against a mountain and the rolling vineyard hills. It was casual and fun. That night I photographed their rehearsal dinner and the next day the wedding. Sarah is talented with a huge smile, beautiful personality and an amazing voice. Steven is smart and kind. And they are so in love. They were married in the vineyard beside the vines, followed by dinner at the top of the hill overlooking the mountains and lake then Calistoga Ranch opened up the wine cave for dancing. Everything was perfect. Tamara with TC Events didn't miss a single detail. It's always such a pleasure working with Tamara and her team.  
When I think of why I love doing what I do I always think of weddings and couples like this one. Creative, loving and so many emotions. I'm so thankful to have spent the weekend with Sarah, Steven and their guests and so very excited to share the rest of their gallery with them!
Coordinator and Design: TC Events
Location: Calistoga Ranch
VIdeo: Aaron Lee Films
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Lauren and Chris

Bozeman, MT
Thursday, July 2, 2015  |  Wedding
As a photographer there is nothing more flattering than when another photographer hires you to photograph their wedding, especially one as talented as Lauren Brown. I was excited and I have to admit very nervous! I left the Florida heat and flew to Montana and met Lauren in person the first time the day before her wedding when I crashed her rehearsal. Instantly I found she is as warm and kind as she is beautiful. Chris and Lauren were married at their home in the meadow behind their house. Their daughters were their flower girls and their wedding party was made up of their closest friends and family members. The entire day was filled with tears of joy! To say that these two incredible people are loved is an understatement.  
I'm so very excited to head back to montana in a few days to do a session with Chris and Lauren. They are going to put on their wedding attire and we're going to explore the mountains for gorgeous scenery. They are so much fun to be around and to photograph!  
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