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Tamara and Nathan

Folsom, CA

Sunday, September 20, 2015  |  Wedding
Tamara is a talented wedding coordinator based out of Florida and California. We met years ago when I started working with her on some of her Miami weddings and immediately hit it off! When she called me this year to ask if she could hire me she had one big giant request! "I don't want posed photographs! At all!" That worked for me!! With the exception of one ride around the ferris wheel and one giant family picture I didn't setup or pose a single shot all day long! And the result is a gallery of gorgeous, emotional and HILARIOUS images! Tamara sees weddings almost every weekend and being in the wedding industry she wanted something different that reflected their personalities and she pulled it off flawlessly. Instead of a cocktail hour they had a carnival and at the end of the night everyone ended up in the pool.... even me! Thank you Tamara for trusting me with this massive responsibility and for trusting me to just shoot the day as it happened.  
Thank you Tamara and Nathan! I hope these images are making you smile as much as they make me smile!
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