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The Ring

Wednesday, January 4, 2012  |  My Style
I've often considered that maybe spending time on shooting the bride's ring may not be the best use of my time as weddings can get behind schedule. I recently changed my mind. My great grandmother was born in Key West in 1897 and in 1917 she was married there to my great grandfather. Today my grandmother wears that ring on her ring finger along with her own wedding band with the date of their wedding inscribed on the inside. The band isn't worth much but to our family it is so special. Last year I shot the ring and gave it out to our family as a gift. I realized then how special this very simple shot of her ring is to my family. I hope that every image that I shoot of the ring at each wedding one day becomes an heirloom for their children and grandchildren because, after all, there is only 1 ring.
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