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Sunday, February 13, 2011  |  About
I grew up on a small island on the west coast of Florida. The island that my family has called home for generations was a haven for fisherman and artists who loved it for it's raw and natural beauty. My love for art and photography began when, at a young age, I was exposed to the work of photographers who felt a calling to capture the culture and lives around them.  
During college I had the opportunity to travel overseas and it was then that I began to see the world around me in frames. When I returned I quickly started pursuing photography but only for personal projects and never planned to make a business out of it. After agreeing to shoot my first, very small wedding for a friend I realized there was a creativity and emotion to photographing weddings that I never imagined. My desire to shoot more weddings grew and I quickly started a business.  
Over the years I believe my ability to see light and capture emotion is what truly makes my photography unique. My style can be described as timeless with an edge and far from traditional. My approach when shooting a wedding is to take a very non-intrusive approach. Because every wedding is completely different it's important to me to photograph it in the way it deserves. Since the beginning of my business in 2006 it has grown into a business that allows me to shoot in extraordinary places and work with some of the most incredible people. While I am available for travel worldwide, I find myself regularly shooting in Key West, Miami, Palm Beach, Naples, the Florida Panhandle, Georgia and New York the most. 
I live with my husband and our three boys - John David born May 2010 and Brennan born August 2011 and Benjamin born November 2013. When we aren't working or raising a family, we love the water and all of the activities it has to offer. We live beautiful lives and enjoy soaking up every minute of it.  
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