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Not just the family formals

Monday, January 2, 2012  |  My Style
It's not uncommon for potential brides to wonder if I do any formal family shots and my answer is absolutely. Family formals are incredibly important and even on the rare occasion when a bride asks if we could not do them I encourage her to do at least a few. But beyond the family formals I believe there is something even more important to remember on your wedding day and that is including those who are so incredibly special to you in the day beyond the formal groupings. When shooting a wedding my goal is to always focus on the relationships around the couple. By standing back and looking for them I can always find the quiet moments between a bride and her grandmother, bride and her mother, the groom and his father. While I believe the family formals are a must on the wedding day, I feel that capturing the natural relationships and interactions is the most important job I can have.
And many times it includes a dog as well....
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