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Moments like this...

Tuesday, November 13, 2012  |  My Style
I often ask myself if this job will ever lead to something else. I think about joining a group traveling overseas photographing different cultures. It's something that my mind could get carried away thinking about until I run into this. A moment. As parents there are moments in our lives that seem to make time stand still. Mine are so young but I'm told the first day of school, graduation and then that moment when you walk your daughter down the aisle and shake hands with the one standing at the end of that aisle vowing to love and respect her for the rest of his life. That hand shake from a father to the new husband telling him that you are trusting him with the person who is so dear to you she makes your heart skip a beat. The groom's parents looking on and feeling proud of their son and the person he has chosen to share his life with. As parents these are the moments that will forever be burned in our memories. As a photographer it's the moment that we wait for and hope to catch at the peak of the exchange.
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