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Moments like this...

Tuesday, November 13, 2012  |  My Style
I often ask myself if this job will ever lead to something else. I think about joining a group traveling overseas photographing different cultures. It's something that my mind could get carried away thinking about until I run into this. A moment. As parents there are moments in our lives that seem to make time stand still. Mine are so young but I'm told the first day of school, graduation and then that moment when you walk your daughter down the aisle and shake hands with the one standing at the end of that aisle vowing to love and respect her for the rest of his life. That hand shake from a father to the new husband telling him that you are trusting him with the person who is so dear to you she makes your heart skip a beat. The groom's parents looking on and feeling proud of their son and the person he has chosen to share his life with. As parents these are the moments that will forever be burned in our memories. As a photographer it's the moment that we wait for and hope to catch at the peak of the exchange.
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Why do I shoot weddings?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012  |  My Style
Why do I shoot weddings? Because just when a bride forgets about the camera, a true and honest moment can unfold. I never set out to be a wedding photographer. No way. But after shooting my first as an assistant 6 years ago I realized that there is no better way to capture emotions and real moments like on a day when generations are gathered and such an important event takes place. I don't thrive on expensive details or a fancy dress. I love the challenge of capturing the unexpected and the excitement of waiting for another glance, touch and laugh. Moments. That's why I shoot weddings.
The image above was taken at my most recent wedding that is waiting to be blogged.
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The Ring

Wednesday, January 4, 2012  |  My Style
I've often considered that maybe spending time on shooting the bride's ring may not be the best use of my time as weddings can get behind schedule. I recently changed my mind. My great grandmother was born in Key West in 1897 and in 1917 she was married there to my great grandfather. Today my grandmother wears that ring on her ring finger along with her own wedding band with the date of their wedding inscribed on the inside. The band isn't worth much but to our family it is so special. Last year I shot the ring and gave it out to our family as a gift. I realized then how special this very simple shot of her ring is to my family. I hope that every image that I shoot of the ring at each wedding one day becomes an heirloom for their children and grandchildren because, after all, there is only 1 ring.
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Not just the family formals

Monday, January 2, 2012  |  My Style
It's not uncommon for potential brides to wonder if I do any formal family shots and my answer is absolutely. Family formals are incredibly important and even on the rare occasion when a bride asks if we could not do them I encourage her to do at least a few. But beyond the family formals I believe there is something even more important to remember on your wedding day and that is including those who are so incredibly special to you in the day beyond the formal groupings. When shooting a wedding my goal is to always focus on the relationships around the couple. By standing back and looking for them I can always find the quiet moments between a bride and her grandmother, bride and her mother, the groom and his father. While I believe the family formals are a must on the wedding day, I feel that capturing the natural relationships and interactions is the most important job I can have.
And many times it includes a dog as well....
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